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Service Address

A service address (also known as a ‘director’s address‘) is the official correspondence address of a business director, secretary or person of significant control. A service address is a legal requirement for the public record of companies registered in the UK.

The purpose of a service address is to provide an address to which all official communications for that individual can be sent.

This can technically be any address of your choosing, including residential and commercial locations. However, most directors choose to use a non-residential address so as to keep their home and work correspondence separate, and often choose to use a virtual address for added privacy.

You don’t have to work from the address or even visit it at all. It simply exists to receive official communications from HMRC and Companies House.

You can purchase service addresses from Company Address for £15 per month each plus VAT. Find out more here.

To purchase a service address, simply tick the box to add a service address to a new subscription, or login to ‘my account’ to add it to an existing subscription.

Who needs a service address?

Service addresses are a legal requirement for all company directors, secretaries, LLP members, subscribers and any individual or firm registered as a PSC, or Person of Significant Control.

The service address is used as the individual’s official correspondence address. This means all official post from government agencies such as HMRC and Companies House will be sent to this address.

Your service address appears on your company registration alongside your registered address information.

Choosing your service address

Your service address can be any address of your choosing, as long as it’s not a PO Box. However, for privacy and to avoid losing this important post amongst everything else received at your address, many business directors choose to use a virtual service address rather than their own home or physical office location.

The benefit of this choice is that the service address is kept entirely separate from the rest of the communications. This address is held on public record, so it also protects the director’s privacy.

Service address vs registered address

A service address is a legal requirement for all company directors, secretaries, LLP members and persons of significant control (PSC). It is used as the official correspondence for those individuals, to which all post from official Government bodies will be sent.

A registered address is the official address of the company. It is used for all official correspondence for the company or LLP.

Using a registered address as a service address

registered office address can be used as a service address only for one director.

Let’s say you purchased a registered address for your new company. You can put your own name to that address for use as a service address.

However, if you have another director or PSC, they cannot simply add their name to your existing registered address. They need to pay for a service address – which enables them to add their name to your existing address, or to use a separate address of their own.

Company Address also offers a mail forwarding address and virtual office address service. Both of these services include two service addresses as standard – meaning you plus a further two directors of PSCs can add their name to the same address, at no extra charge. If you do want to add more names, you can purchase additional service addresses.

Using a home address as a service address

You can, technically, use your home address as your service address.

However, most directors decide against this option. This is because your service address is listed on public record, which means your home address would be publicly available.

Many people choose to use a business address agent like Company Address, from which they can buy an official service address and avoid using their own home.

Company Address ‘service address’ product

Company Address offers service addresses to anyone taking our registered address, mail forwarding of virtual office services. The service address can be added to your account for just £15 per year.

To purchase your service address:

Existing customers

Simply log in to ‘My Account’. You have the option to add a service address to any active subscription.

New customers

Once you have purchased your chosen product and your subscription is active, you will be able to log in to ‘My Account’ and add the service address to your active product.

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