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Registered Office Address London

Registered Office Address London

Position your business in England’s capital with an official registered office address London service for just £75.00 per year plus VAT. Your London registered office address, located on Percy Street W1T, can be used to register with HMRC and Companies House and as your official business location. Simply complete the form below for instant access; you’ll be asked for your payment details on the next screen.


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What’s included:

Official address for your business to register with
You can receive only official mail from HMRC and Companies House

What’s not included:

Mail handling/forwarding of all other mail *

* To include mail forwarding at your London address, click here.

£75.00 / year

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Protect your private address from public appearance at Companies House website (up to 2 Directors included)


Your yearly fee of just £75.00 gives you use of a registered office address in London on Percy Street, W1T. You can use this London address to register your business with Companies House of Companies and HMRC and as your official business location.

You will therefore receive any official mail from HMRC and House of Companies to this address. However, no other mail can be received here, as explained below.


The registered office address London service does not include mail handling as standard, meaning you can only receive official HMRC and House of Companies post here.

If you would like to receive all business mail here and have it forwarded to you by Royal Mail post, you need our mail forwarding London service (which includes both mail handling and the registered address).

If your business is based overseas, take a look at our virtual office London service which comprises the registered address and mail forwarding via email.

We also offer a registered office address in the City of London for £30 per year plus VAT.


Every business trading in the UK needs a registered business address to do so legally.

London is a known hub of new business and established business success. As a global leader in commerce, England’s capital city is a highly sought after address and businesses pay top rates for an address here.

By choosing a registered office address London, your business can boast a prestigious W1T postcode without having to pay the high fees for rental or property purchase.

All businesses that trade in the UK need a registered business address in order to register with Companies House and HMRC. Where better to position your business than right in the heart of London?

Our typical customers include new businesses or home-based businesses which need a registered address to register with Companies House and HMRC, established businesses looking to build a presence in London and international businesses moving into the UK market. We also regularly receive orders from law firms and accountants acting on behalf of their clients who are setting up businesses.


Please note: In order to successfully activate your subscription, we first need to receive proof of identity (ID) and proof of address from you. View a full list of accepted documentation here.

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