A National / International Presence for Your Business

Virtual Office addresses in City of London, Central London, Edinburgh and Dublin

Build your company’s UK & Ireland presence with a National Presence Package from Company Address.

If your business serves customers across the UK & Ireland, you will know how valuable a local presence can be to those customers. Businesses just like yours are investing in multiple virtual office addresses to develop their national profile. With Company Address, your business can boast addresses in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, from as little as £50 per month (exc VAT).

To get your National Presence Package, simply select monthly or annual payment in the options above. You’ll then be asked to provide a copy of your ID and proof of address to gain instant access to your four new business addresses.


The National Presence Package is designed to give businesses here in the UK and internationally the opportunity to build a valuable presence across the UK & Ireland.

The package includes:

  • Registered office address in City of London
  • Registered office address in Central London
  • Registered office address in Edinburgh
  • Registered office address in Dublin
  • Mail forwarding via Royal Mail First Class Post (UK only)
  • Mail forwarding via email

Your registered office address can be used to register your business with HMRC and Companies House.


The four addresses you’ll receive in this package are:

  • City of London – Ludgate Hill EC4
  • Central London – Percy Street W1
  • Edinburgh
  • Dublin


Our typical customers include:

  • Businesses with an existing office location looking to grow their brand
  • New businesses registering for the first time and wanting a national presence
  • International businesses expanding into the UK & Ireland

We receive orders for the National Presence Package from business owners as well as from accountants and law firms who are handing the business registration or expansion on behalf of a client.


Company Address is a trusted provider of registered office addresses. We provide full, real addresses (not PO Boxes) in prestigious city centre locations in London, Edinburgh and Dublin.
By investing in a National Presence Package with Company Address, you’ll receive the highest standard of customer service at a rate that’s affordable and economically viable for businesses of all sizes and structures, whether you’re just starting out, looking to grow your business or expanding into the UK & Ireland from overseas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of identification and proof of address are required?

In order to process your order and begin the service, we will require you to submit a copy of your ID (such as Passport or Driving License) and proof of your residential address, as well as proof of the address you want your post to be forwarded to. See below for accepted forms of identification. Please send all your documents to info@companyaddress.co.uk

Non-UK residents must provide both documents certified by a Public Notary or Solicitor or Chartered Accountant.

1. Photo identification – Proof of identity

Individuals, individual partners and directors of bodies corporate

  • Passport
  • Driving License (with photocard)
  • National Identity Card
  • HM Forces Identity Card
  • A current student card from an educational establishment approved by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Disabled drivers blue badge

Bodies corporate

  • Certificate of Incorporation

2. Proof of address (provided both name and address is shown)

  • Gas or Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill (landline only, not mobile)
  • Water bill
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Council Tax bill
  • Bank / Building Society statement (includes credit card/store card bill)
  • TV license
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Pay slip
  • P45/P60 statement
  • Financial statement (e.g. pension, endowment)
  • Current benefit book
  • Letter from Benefits Agency
  • HM Revenue and Customs Notice of Coding
  • Student hall of residence agreement or other proof of accommodation
How can Company Address help my business?

Any business trading in the UK & Ireland needs a registered business address to do so. We provide prestigious city centre addresses in London, Edinburgh and Dublin which can be used to register a business with HMRC and Companies House.

You can also receive mail to your registered address with our mail forwarding and virtual office services, allowing you to boost your brand by promoting a London, Edinburgh or Dublin city centre address.

What sort of address will Company Address provide for my business?

Company Address has four office addresses, in City of London, Central London, Edinburgh and Dublin. Each of these addresses is a real office address in a premium business district. We do not use PO Boxes, meaning you will have a full, real address to use to register or promote your business.

You will receive the full, exact address by email upon registration.

How long does it take to register?

You are registered as soon as you click ‘submit’ on the registration form. Your information will be checked and, by law, we are required to take a copy of your ID and proof of address in compliance with our terms and conditions.

In most cases, your registration will be approved within 1 working day and you can start to use your new address as soon as the approval is confirmed via email.

Can I trust you to keep my information safe and secure?

Yes. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office and are bound to follow their guidelines. Keeping your information private is very important to us.

What are Company Address’ fees?

We’re very transparent with our pricing and you can see the price of each service, by location, across our website. Prices shown on our site do not include VAT.

How do I register a business in the UK?

Once you know what structure your business will take and have registered with HMRC for tax purposes, registering the business with the government’s Companies House can be done here. If you want advice on all stages of setting up a UK business, then we recommend the GOV.UK guide here.

What address must a company director provide to register with Companies House?

You must provide a residential address, which will be kept private, and a ‘registered office address’, which is the official commercial address of your business. Companies which don’t yet have a physical, commercial office (i.e. home-based businesses), those which are based overseas and those which would prefer to register with a more prestigious city centre address, can do so using our registered address service.

More information is provided by Companies House here.

Will Company Address forward parcels?

We offer forwarding and/ or scanning of small to large letters and our services do not include parcel handling. In exceptional cases, we can forward parcels up to 2kg in weight and 45x35x16cm in size, but only if an advance notice is given and a prepayment of £20.00 made (handling fee of £5.00 per item applies). Please note that we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the parcel whilst held with us and/ or during the delivery via Royal Mail.

Please contact us for more information.

How quickly will my letters be forwarded?

All mail can be forwarded to you the same working day via Royal Mail First Class Post if you are a mail forwarding service subscriber or by email if you are a virtual office service subscriber. If this is not convenient to you, we can forward the mail as per your request.

Can I come to the office to pick up my mail?

We do not allow pick up of mail at our offices in person because the forwarding address to which we send your mail is verified for security reasons. Your mail will be forwarded the same business day, the cost of which is included in your monthly/annual subscription fee.

What proof is needed that I live at my stated forwarding address?

For security purposes, your forwarding address must be verified before your registration is approved. To verify your address, we will ask you for:

  • A copy of official photo ID e.g. driving license or passport
  • Proof of address e.g. a bank statement or utility bill which states the address
What are your terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions can be found here.

How do I setup mail forwarding from my old UK address using Royal Mail?

You can setup mail forwarding from your old UK address to your new registered office address (for mail forwarding or virtual office customers only) at your local Post Office or at RoyalMail.com.

Am I safe when I buy your services?

Your safety and confidentiality is paramount to us. We use the latest 128bit SSL encryption from PayPal when you pay for our services, keeping your payment information protected.

Are there any hidden charges for your services?

No. We believe in our product and so are honest and up front about what we charge. Our pricing is as clear as we can make it and those items that are ‘Extra’ to our standard service are clearly labelled as such before you pay us.

Can you scan my mail and email it to me?

Yes we can. Choose the virtual office service to get email forwarding only by default, or add it as an extra to a mail forwarding service if you’d also like to get your mail by post.

How will you know what mail is for me?

Yours won’t be the only business registered at your new registered address. When giving out your new address be clear to anyone sending you mail that they must include your personal or business name on the envelope or packaging. You must inform us of any personal or business names that you go by, so we can identify which post is yours.

Can you hold my post until further notice?

Yes we can, as long as your account with us is still active and the size/amount of post being held is not excessive.

What happens if I exceed my allocation of mail items that can be forwarded?

The allocation of mail items that can be forwarded can be found in our terms of use. We will email you to notify you if you are approaching your limit and give you the option to purchase an increased forwarding allocation.

Can I change where my mail is forwarded to?

Yes you can. 1 change per year is included with all our services. Subsequent changes may incur an administration charge. Please consult our terms of use for details.

International postage deposit

If your forwarding address is outside of the UK, you will need to add additional funds to your account to cover international postage, which can be done in the ‘my account’ area. We’ll email you with instructions once your order is complete.

What do I do if I’m interested in a private mail drop/mailbox service?

Unfortunately, we are only providing services for companies, self-employed and sole traders, but not private individuals.

Is this a real, physical address, or just a PO box?

Our addresses are real, physical offices and not PO boxes.

How do these services work?

Registered Office Address

We receive your official post and forward it to your forwarding address on the same day by Royal Mail.

Mail Forwarding Address

We receive all your business post and forward it to your forwarding address on the same day by Royal Mail.

Virtual Office Address

We receive all your business post, scan and e-mail it to you on the same day. In addition, we forward it to your forwarding address once a week by Royal Mail. Alternatively, we can shred it at your request.

Can I have a tenancy agreement for this address?

Unfortunately, you can’t. You don’t actually rent an office, you simply receive mail with our forwarding services.

Can you update Companies House and HMRC with my new Registered Office Address?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this service. You will need to contact Companies House and HMRC yourself in order to give them your new Registered Office Address.

I have a small business and don’t expect many letters. Which service would you recommend?

We would recommend our Registered Office Address service.

How much do you charge mail forwarding services, and for scanning and emailing?

You can find the prices for all of our different services and locations in our shop.

Are there any additional charges for mail forwarding?

There are no additional charges as the mail forwarding cost is included in the mail forwarding package. However, if your forwarding address is outside of the UK, you will have to top up a deposit covering the cost of international postage.

Are there any additional charges for scanning?

If you chose our Virtual Office Address package, the scanning and email service is included in the price. There are no additional charges for scanning.

Can I pay for a Mail Forwarding Address and ask you to scan and email my post occasionally?

Unfortunately, scaning and email services can be offered only if you choose a Virtual Office Address. If you choose the Mail Forwarding Address your post will be forwarded to you by Royal Mail.


Can I change my forwarding address as often as I like?

   You are allowed to change your forwarding address once free of charge.

Is there a minimum length of time for my monthly subscription, or can I cancel whenever I like?

You can cancel our services any time on your online account.

Do I get a discount for choosing annual payment?

   If you choose a yearly package, you will get a discount of 20%.

Do you need an official company name in order to sign up?

Upon your registration online we ask you to provide us with a company name, even if it hasn’t been registered with Companies House yet.

We understand that you need an official address to register with Companies House, so we do not require you to be registered before you buy one of our addresses.

How can I provide you with the proof of ID, proof of address and the certificate of incorporation?

Please scan all of the relevant documents and email them to info@companyaddress.co.uk.

Is it possible to sign up for your services and pay by bank transfer?

Unfortunately, we only take online payment upon registration on our website.

Can I pay you over the phone?

Unfortunately, we do not accept payments over the phone. Please make the payment online.

If I have missed a payment, can I pay by phone?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept payments over the phone. However, you can log in to your online account and pay through our website.

Do companies based outside of the UK have to pay UK taxes if they are using a UK Virtual Office Address?

As we are based in the UK, you will have to pay VAT on the services that you buy from us.

How do I update my forwarding address?

Simply send an email to info@companyaddress.co.uk with your new address.

Is there a limit on how much mail you can forward?

With our service prices we can handle up to 25 letters per week.

Which is the best package for forwarding mail overseas?

As your forwarding address is outside UK, we would recommend that you take a look at our Virtual Office Address.

Where are the addresses located?

The addresses sold by Company Address are located at:

City of London

Ludgate Hill

Central London

Percy Street


Queen Street


Clifton House
Fitzwilliam Street