International Mail Forwarding Service: UK & Ireland Addresses

International Mail Forwarding

International mail forwarding means you can have all your mail sent to an address in the UK and it will be sent to you via email, anywhere in the world.

An international mail forwarding address allows international businesses to have an official address in the UK with which to promote themselves and grow their customer base.

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Company Address provides international mail forwarding addresses to businesses across the world, including Europe (particularly France, Spain, Germany and Italy), Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and the USA.

If you have an business outside of the UK and would like to purchase an address to grow your UK presence, Company Address has exactly what you need.

It’s simple to purchase and start promoting your new address today. Prices start at £200 per year.

Your business will benefit from a UK address. Develop a local presence to win new customers. All of your mail can be sent to your new address, and will be received on your behalf and forwarded to you via email the same day.

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Why do international businesses need a UK address?

International businesses that wish to trade in the UK must have an official registered address in the country with which they register with Companies House. This means any business outside of the UK that wants to reach a UK customer must have an address here.

Of course, it is very expensive to buy an office in the UK, particularly if the management and delivery of your products or services is managed overseas. To save on these costs, many international businesses are choosing to buy a virtual address in the UK.

This means you have an address with which to register your business and promote to your customers. You can’t use the office for anything other than receiving mail, but at prices from £200 per year (plus VAT), it’s a much cheaper option for overseas companies.

Your international mail forwarding address is an official address and can be used to register your business and promote to your customers. All mail can be received at your address in London and will be forwarded to you via email the same day. You can choose to have the physical post sent to you overseas, and simply need to add funds to your account once you’ve purchased your address to cover the cost of this.

Get your international mail forwarding address today

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