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Time for a Virtual Office: The London Startup Scene

The UK is one of the best places in the world to start and run a company, and London is the beating heart of British business. In 2018, almost one million of the UK’s five million businesses were based in London, and the vast majority of these were in central London.

Central London itself is a globally recognised business centre, with a host of the biggest names in global business basing either their headquarters or significant offices there. Having an address in London shows that you’re serious about mixing with the most successful brands in business, and could give you connections and opportunities that wouldn’t have come up otherwise.

Getting the right location

With Company Address, you can register your business in a Central London office located on Percy Street, halfway between the Tottenham Court Road and Goodge Street tube stations.

Just a few minutes away from attractions like Oxford Street and the British Museum, our Central London office is in the middle of one of the most famous areas of London. It’s also conveniently located slightly north of Soho, which is the place to be if you’re an up and coming media business.

Your address carries weight with potential customers, clients and other businesses. Registering your business right in the heart of Central London, alongside high-flying media companies, global financial institutions, and many of famous businesses, makes a real difference.

Support for London businesses

The British government and other organisations will also take note of the your location, and being in London can be a big boost to the funding you might be eligible for.

The precise nature of what you could receive depends on all kinds of factors, including not only location, but the type and scale of your business, but there are plenty of people out there who want to invest in London and keep the capital the global force it currently is. If you’re looking for small business resources, the London Small Business site is a great place to start.

London startup scene

Thanks to a healthy competitive environment, and the support of organisations like the London Small Business Centre, startups are able to make a real contribution to the growth and prominence of the capital.

With young companies doing everything from mobile sports networks to mobile wallets to brain training apps, the drive for innovation is still going strong in amongst all of the established global giants.

These companies are benefitting from the extra opportunities that come from having a prestigious address – clients will assume a level of success and competency just because they’re registered in the capital. There is nothing to stop your business taking advantage of those same opportunities.

Startups in the area benefit from a location that people recognise as prestigious, suggesting that they are high quality, trustworthy companies even before potential customers have seen what they do. Don’t count yourself out of London because you’re not a global bank – there is a world of opportunity for any business owner serious about doing everything they can to maximise the potential of their business.

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