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More businesses are choosing an Edinburgh address, says new report

What comes to mind when you think about Edinburgh?

Do you think of its iconic castle? Perhaps the famous Fringe festival?

You should also think about the fantastic business opportunities that the Scottish capital affords.

Recently, Amazon, the online tech giant, rated Edinburgh highly for its business potential. As we see more and more people investing in Edinburgh addresses for their business, we wanted to explore exactly why this is and what opportunities are available to businesses who base themselves there.

Our Edinburgh Business Report 2017 is your comprehensive guide to the business environment in the city. It contains official statistics, information on the city’s latest developments and insight from key players in the Edinburgh business scene, including the University of Edinburgh careers service, that connects students from the world-renowned university with Edinburgh’s exciting, innovative businesses.

edinburgh business report

Download the report here

The report demonstrates why Edinburgh should be thought of as one of the top business locations in the UK. Supported by Scottish initiatives such as the Business Gateway and CivTech, as well as co-working spaces and a thriving startup community, Edinburgh offers all the support a new or small business could desire.

Alongside the business support are new developments around the city, such as Edinburgh St James shopping centre and the Haymarket area, which are serving to provide new hubs for business and leisure. These new developments will boost the reputation of a city that already boasts several stunning tourist attractions and events.

There are a number of ways to get involved in business in Edinburgh. If you’re looking to start a business it’s a great location to find your feet in. The coworking spaces and local support should give you what you need to get started.

If you’re looking to work from home, a co-working space or you want to expand your business’s presence, an Edinburgh virtual address will help to establish your dealings in the city, while allowing you the flexibility to work how and where you choose.

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