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The Popularity of Virtual Offices

With the fast rate of development of computers and technology, it does look like you can work just about anywhere as long as there is access to the internet. Laptops can make working mobile. There are also portable WiFi routers so taking your work with you can be a breeze. Nowadays, people can work in… Read more »

You Got Mail: Ensuring You Get Your Mail With Mail Forwarding Services

You may change addresses since you move from one place to another. The only thing that is constant in your life is your online business and you work from home. This is one of the top problems that home-based businesses have when the owners keep moving from one location to another. They do not know… Read more »

Types Of Online Businesses You Can Start At Home

Online businesses are quite popular nowadays and this is for reasons that one definitely cannot deny. It is quite prolific because plenty of people nowadays are online and the market is huge. The scope of online businesses are really huge – as long as there is the internet and there is a gadget or a… Read more »

Why You Should Invest In A Company Address Registered Business Address

Have you ever thought about getting a registered business address that is not your home address? Well, this is basically one of the many things that a business owner usually ponders over especially if they are operating from home. There have been many business owners who have gone ahead and pushed to get a registered… Read more »


Every business trading legally in the UK must register with HMRC and Companies House. This applies to new business startups and to companies already registered internationally and looking to trade in the United Kingdom. A limited company is one which is registered with Companies House. The financial responsibilities for the company are separate to those… Read more »

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