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How to Set Up a UK Bank Account as a Non Resident

If you own a business that’s registered in the UK, or you’re considering starting one, it’s a good idea to look into the possibility of opening a UK business bank account.   There are several ways to open a bank account in the UK if you’re a non-resident. If the bank doesn’t need to see… Read more »

Understanding equity and working capital

Equity and capital refer to separate, but related, aspects of a company’s finances. Capital is the amount of money available to a business for investment, and is part of a business’s overall equity. Equity itself is a company’s total assets once associated liabilities have been deducted. Shareholders can contribute capital and own a share of… Read more »

Starting an online business (and making it successful)

Every business needs to devote time, money and effort to their online presence. With a rising number of businesses operating entirely online, there’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a successful business without the overheads of a physical location. Starting an online business is very different to opening an offline business. While your company will… Read more »

December Sale Now On!

With the festive season upon us, you might have already started gift shopping for your loved ones.  Wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, children, friends – they all deserve a little something this Christmas to remind them how special they are.  But how about yourself?  You know you’re special too, so reward yourself this year with a prestigious new… Read more »

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