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Irish Bank Accounts, Revenue & VAT

We recently wrote about registering a business in the Republic of Ireland. Here, we’ll go into more detail about topics relating to banking, Revenue (the Revenue Commissioners) and tax that are essential for you to know if you are thinking about starting a business in the Republic of Ireland. In order to operate fully in… Read more »

How to Register a Business in Scotland

If you want to register a business as a limited company in Scotland, the process is essentially identical in practice to registering a business in England and Wales. The Edinburgh office of Companies House will be responsible for your registration, as opposed to the Cardiff or Belfast offices, but the process that you go through… Read more »

How to Register a Business in the Republic of Ireland

There are many similarities between the way that you register a limited company in the UK and the way that you register in the Republic of Ireland. A key similarity is that you need to be registering an address that is in the same region. If you don’t have a physical company address in the… Read more »

Types of Company in the UK

Companies in the UK do not all operate in the same way. A company’s classification depends, among other things, on who owns the company and the extent to which those people are responsible for the company’s liabilities. The distinction between the different types has important ramifications for the legal status of the company, particularly with… Read more »

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