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Small Business Guide to Google

Google is one of the most used search engines for consumers and businesses. This means it is important for your small business to rank highly in the Google search results in order to build up your website traffic and attract more custom. To do this, your business needs to gain authority, using relevant keywords combined… Read more »

3 mistakes to avoid when choosing a business name

Starting your own business is exciting. You have taken that step to set up your own company and now you are pinning down the specific details to make your dream happen. In order to register your new company with Companies House, you need to fulfil a number of criteria, one of which is to have… Read more »

Limited Company Formation: How to Register a Business as a Limited Company

Every business trading legally in the UK must register with HMRC and Companies House. This applies to new business startups and to companies already registered internationally and looking to trade in the United Kingdom. A limited company is one which is registered with Companies House. The financial responsibilities for the company are separate to those… Read more »

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