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Summer Sale: Get Your #SummerKick!

The sun is shining and businesses across the UK and beyond are benefitting from longer days and a feeling of positivity that’s unique to this time of year. While the schools prepare to bid ‘adios’ for the summer, business owners and budding entrepreneurs are looking for ways to inject some energy into their strategy and… Read more »

How much does it cost to register a business?

Registering a business in the UK costs between £12 and £100 depending on what method you choose. The cheapest and simplest way to register is online, but you can register by posting a form for a higher price. Online and postal services are the primary means of applying for registration for UK limited companies. If… Read more »

VAT Registration: Everything You Need to Know

The vast majority of goods and services in the UK qualify for a 20% VAT charge, which is added onto the base cost. Before they can charge VAT, UK companies need to go through a VAT registration process – whether or not this registration is mandatory depends on the turnover of your business. In this… Read more »

More businesses are choosing an Edinburgh address, says new report

What comes to mind when you think about Edinburgh? Do you think of its iconic castle? Perhaps the famous Fringe festival? You should also think about the fantastic business opportunities that the Scottish capital affords. Recently, Amazon, the online tech giant, rated Edinburgh highly for its business potential. As we see more and more people… Read more »

How to Complete an Online Tax Return

We’re at that time of year again where many people will have to fill out online tax returns. It’s likely you’ll be receiving a reminder in the post soon, if you haven’t already. People who have to complete an online tax return include the self-employed, people with savings income above the allowance threshold, and people… Read more »

Dividends & payments: how to take money out of a limited company

Company directors can take money out of their limited company in a variety of ways. How you balance the different methods will impact how much tax you have to pay, so there’s a financial incentive to make sure you’re paying yourself in the most efficient way possible. We’ll go through these different types of payment… Read more »

How to Register as a Sole Trader

Registering as a sole trader is a great way to start a business quickly and conveniently. A sole trader is simply an individual who is self-employed and running their own business. You get to keep any profits you earn (after tax, of course), but you will have to personally take the hit of any losses…. Read more »

How to Start an eBay Business

For many years, eBay has been one of the most popular destinations for internet shoppers. One of the easiest ways to start an ecommerce business, or to give a boost to an existing business, is to get on eBay and start selling. Sellers keep eBay alive, so it wants to make your life as a… Read more »

Companies House WebFiling: An Introduction

WebFiling is an online service that Companies House provides, designed to make the submission of official paperwork easier and paper-free. This blog post is your starting point for WebFiling information, and we hope it will set you up to get the most from the online service. You can access Companies House webfiling here. Why use… Read more »

What is a holding company?

A holding company is a business that exists to deal with the assets of other businesses, and to invest in and manage other businesses. They are private limited companies with their own shares, and they normally undertake activities that do not involve the sale of products or services. Alphabet: a recent example The easiest way… Read more »

Certificate of Good Standing: What You Need to Know

A Certificate of Good Standing is an official document from Companies House that a business can obtain to demonstrate that it is up to date with all legal filings. Having this Certificate is useful in a variety of circumstances as a sign to businesses and individuals that your business is trustworthy and reliable. Requesting your… Read more »

Guide to business and industry in Central London

The UK is one of the best places in the world to start and run a company, and London is the beating heart of British business. In 2015, almost one million of the UK’s five million businesses were based in London, and the vast majority of these were in central London. Central London itself is… Read more »

The end of year checklist for SMEs

Christmas is around the corner and another year is drawing to a close. Although the financial year will continue for a few months, the end of the calendar year is still significant in the eyes of many business owners and their employees. The end of the year is a chance to celebrate, evaluate and prepare… Read more »

What we can learn from Black Friday 2016

Black Friday is a huge event over in the US and here in the UK, more and more businesses are taking advantage of the opportunity to sell discounted products to an expectant audience. Black Friday 2016, the third Black Friday officially recognised here in the UK, topped retailers’ expectations with the initial outlook from stores… Read more »

What is a unique taxpayer reference number (UTR)?

A unique taxpayer reference (UTR) is a 10 digit number issued by HMRC to businesses and individuals to allow them to manage their tax returns. All businesses need UTR numbers, but individuals only need them if they are completing self-assessment tax returns. Most individuals in standard employment will not need one. UTR numbers for businesses… Read more »

An introduction to director’s loans

A director’s loan is made up of any money that you take out of your company that is not wages or dividends. Wages and dividends It’s easier to understand director’s loans when you separate them out from the other ways that a director can take money out of their company. The first and most familiar… Read more »

Black Friday Deal: Central London Address 10% Discount

Black Friday is upon us and we’ve put together a special offer for you to mark the occasion. For a limited time only, you can get a prestigious virtual address in Central London for just £270 plus VAT for 12 months. That’s a saving of 10%! This offer will only be available until Monday, so… Read more »

Black Friday Deals: Coming Soon

With Black Friday just around the corner, many of you (especially those who sell online) will no doubt be thinking about special deals and discounts to offer your customers. Data shows us that Black Friday, despite still being relatively new to the UK, is a fantastic opportunity for retailers of all sizes to increase brand… Read more »

Understanding limited company shares

One of the defining features of a private limited company is the share structure. Understanding how shares work is an essential part of owning a limited company, but it can be tough to get your head round everything you need to know. Company shares: the basics Shares are slices of ownership in a limited company… Read more »

Irish Bank Accounts, Revenue & VAT

We recently wrote about registering a business in the Republic of Ireland. Here, we’ll go into more detail about topics relating to banking, Revenue (the Revenue Commissioners) and tax that are essential for you to know if you are thinking about starting a business in the Republic of Ireland. In order to operate fully in… Read more »

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