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Business Address: How to Use It

Setting up a business does not come easy. One has to take care of plenty of things. The list includes the capital for the business. It also includes materials needed to set up everything. Owners also need to take care of manpower and set everything up. They must also find a good office and also… Read more »

Mail Forwarding Service: The Benefits

Some people believe that taking advantage of mail forwarding services is quite dodgy and shadowy. Why need a mail forwarding service when a person has his or her own mailbox and address? Why go to the trouble of having to pay for such a service when one can get his or her mail for free?… Read more »

Virtual Office: Why Businesses Are Using Them

Virtual office A virtual office has clear advantages for startups. It is a good solution for companies and businesses that operate remotely. They need to have a good address that would serve as their registered office address. More often than not, the businesses that use virtual offices look for a good location. Most of them try… Read more »

Limited Company vs. Sole Trader: Which One to Choose?

Limited company or sole trader? Small businesses are an important part of the United Kingdom structure. These may be small and may not be as known as multi nationals, but they do help out the country in a big way. They help with bringing unemployment down as they create work places. They give jobs to… Read more »

Registered Office Address And What Is It About

Do you own a company, but your company address is your home address or anywhere remote? Some people run businesses from various parts of the world. Some have employees that work remotely. This is not a new thing as this is happening for many years already. However, it is difficult for such a business to… Read more »

Networking: Upcoming Business Events In London

Many business networking events are about to happen in London and that is a good thing for business owners and it is important that they take advantage of them. Business events help people learn more about the industry that they are in or even learn more about other businesses. It should also help owners gain… Read more »

Registered Offices In London And The Advantages That Come With Them

  When startups and small businesses are still in their early stages, owners of such would not really think of spending too much just to be able to make sure that the business keeps on running and stays above water. After all, getting good revenue does not come easy especially when everything is still just… Read more »

Understanding your company authentication code

What is a company authentication code A company authentication code is a 6-digit alphanumeric code sent to your business’s address after registration with Companies House. The code allows you to file documents and change company data through the Companies House online portal or a third party software. It is therefore important that the code is… Read more »

Limited company formation: how to set up a limited company

In order to be set up as a limited company, a business must register with HMRC and Companies House. Once incorporated, the financial responsibilities for the company are separate to those of the individual(s) who run it. Registration is important for both new business startups and international companies looking to trade in the UK. LIMITED… Read more »

How to Set Up a UK Bank Account as a Non Resident

If you own a business that’s registered in the UK, or you’re considering starting one, it’s a good idea to look into the possibility of opening a UK business bank account.   There are several ways to open a bank account in the UK if you’re a non-resident. If the bank doesn’t need to see… Read more »

Understanding equity and working capital

Equity and capital refer to separate, but related, aspects of a company’s finances. Capital is the amount of money available to a business for investment, and is part of a business’s overall equity. Equity itself is a company’s total assets once associated liabilities have been deducted. Shareholders can contribute capital and own a share of… Read more »

Starting an online business (and making it successful)

Every business needs to devote time, money and effort to their online presence. With a rising number of businesses operating entirely online, there’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a successful business without the overheads of a physical location. Starting an online business is very different to opening an offline business. While your company will… Read more »

December Sale Now On!

With the festive season upon us, you might have already started gift shopping for your loved ones.  Wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, children, friends – they all deserve a little something this Christmas to remind them how special they are.  But how about yourself?  You know you’re special too, so reward yourself this year with a prestigious new… Read more »

3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Christmas

Love it or hate it, we’re approaching that time of year when Christmas is on everybody’s minds. Whatever your business does, whether you’re a service-based company expecting a quiet December or an ecommerce business anticipating a mad rush, there are certain actions you can take to make sure your Christmas period runs smoothly. Read on… Read more »

Is your business ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday is an opportunity for businesses around the UK to win big at a time when consumers are prepared to spend a large amounts of money. Traditionally, tech retailers would drive the sales and win big, but the scope of the day has broadened to a whole Black Friday week that all kinds of… Read more »

How to Complete Your Annual Return (Confirmation Statement)

All limited companies incorporated in England and Wales must regularly submit to Companies House their Confirmation Statement, previously known as Annual Return. The Confirmation Statement provides a summary of general information about your company, such as names and addresses of directors and secretaries, as well as details of people with significant control (PSC), registered office,… Read more »

The complete guide to starting a successful business

Setting up your own business is a big deal, especially if this is your first time doing so. Becoming an entrepreneur is not without its risks, but if you approach it strategically and methodically it could be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. This guide is designed to take you through the… Read more »

What are the responsibilities of a company director?

The responsibilities of a company director include general management of the day-to-day strategy and operations of the company, managing the company’s financial records and complying with the various duties laid out in the Companies Act (2006). Generally speaking, everything a director does should be for the success of the company. A director of a private… Read more »

6 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Startup Stories

As part of our #SummerKick series of inspirational startup stories, we’ve asked 6 successful startup founders to share their journeys. From apps to agencies, these entrepreneurs certainly know their stuff; prepare to be inspired into action! Do you have an inspiration startup story you’d like to share? Tweet us @Comp_Address using #SummerKick for your chance… Read more »

10 of the UK’s most inspirational startups

Summer is upon us! Our #SummerKick is all about inspiring you to do start something new or push your business to the next level during the second half of 2017. To help give you some ideas, we’ve found 10 of the UK’s most inspirational startups. These businesses are all just a few years old and… Read more »

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